Aware |iii

lam322-colorful-naturehues copy[hand-lettered design– by me]

It’s been an up and down kind of month. Mostly due to the lessons I’m learning about trusting God. So, throughout this I’m seeking to be aware of what He’s up to.

Cheers to my sweet student who noticed my wardrobe malfunction and kindly let me know without embarrassing me in front of my entire class–a total doll (for more reasons than this). Cheers to the magical beauties of washi tape– and the mother that blessed me with 18– EIGHTEEN– rolls of it for my birthday. I would be lonely if my desk wasn’t covered with these little rolls. Cheers to the weather not being frozen yet, the fall that is hanging around for a little bit longer this year (and the fact we aren’t slipping on frozen spit yet!). Cheers to the friend who took my mail back to the USA to send it to my sweet friends around that country. Cheers to my Korean best friend for chatting with me during my lunch break the other day. Five stars for long distance bests. Cheers to the internet for teaching me that I don’t have to grill my grilled cheese (for a crowd) one at a time but can do it in the oven. Magic.

This is how we live life aware// don’t get stuck in the mundane of life.. fight for joy! How are you fighting for joy today?