Aware | vi


At meals, our family holds hands when we pray. One Sunday, about 10 years ago, my grandma was holding hands with Jane, another lady from our church. The lady commented on how Gram’s hands felt cold. Gram said “you know what that means”—Jane said “warm heart”—gram replied “poor circulation”. Well you know, these colder days do make for interesting times of cold hands and feet when going out and about. Yet, I’m finding there to be this calm and warmth and this work of grace happening in my heart, a softening of sorts. It’s advent and I’m loving these days of learning to settle down and not be overcome by the crazy of the season. Slow.

Cheers to the sweet voices of She & Him serenading this home with Christmas cheer. Cheers to learning more about the art I love doing and that gouache is the new ink of choice, big cheers and confetti and throw a coconut on top for this one. And oh, Cheers to Sunday nights after markets and meetings and public transportation, to find one of my favorite newlywed couples welcoming me into their home to chat the evening away. Cheers to internet in this land, which never works like….. it…. wants to. Cheers to Ann Voskamp for writing a book to set my heart on the real meaning of this season, blessing my days and life with fresh perspective. Cheers to a colleague hearing my voice and coming to find me today, and the dinner we shared, sitting on the floor of a Korean restaurant: there is a Master-weaver putting together each moment of our days.


That’s how we need to live.