gratitudeSome weeks in these parts are quiet, while some are full of adventure. Some weeks we have classes but then we get a break. This week we’ve had a nice change of pace with a holiday that gave us a week off of teaching. For that, I am grateful.

Cheers to the “family” I had at camp this summer and the way that family-ness has carried over into the months following– to the point of getting a message that says “See you soon, mom”– these are the things that melt my heart. Cheers to the friends who came for an early breakfast today and made themselves so at home and finding my (less than comfortable //hand-me-down) sofa to be a restful place. Oh and lets not forget the ending when someone said “we should dance before this is over” and we promptly started music and danced around my little home. Love that. Cheers to retreating. The time to step away from my home and stay in a house with 25 others// laughing, crying, growing, falling flat on our faces in repentance and worship… those are moments I want to savor. Cheers to angels or something… not letting the paper lantern fall and burn up the city but carrying it higher into the clouds when it started to fall… kind of one of those “have to be there to know what I mean.. ” but yes, cheers to that. Cheers to the friend I ran into while heading to buy vegetables — he walked with me and we chatted and carried my vegetables. Five stars for you, sir. Any person that carries my vegetables TO MY DOOR gets extra cheers (okay not anyone because usually I don’t let people carry my stuff…). Cheers to the shepherd that traveled across the world to share hope with us, to bring truth and speak with such humility and grace. My heart needed that truth. So so much. Oh yes, and cheers to the neighbors who let me come hang at their house and eat their cookies with Biscoff spread — hello… where have you been all my life. You know those moments when you are at peace with the world, then suddenly your taste-buds have been overcome with a new burst of excitement. Yes. That good. I will be searching for a method to make it.

This is how we live life aware// don’t get stuck in the mundane of life.. fight for joy! How are you fighting for joy today?



Toms and hearts

Sometimes my days are lived with very little intention. I go through the day focused on myself and forgetting to live life with my heart and eyes aware of what is going on around me. I neglect being aware of people in general, my students, and even the Lord. It’s a shame and that is why I want to live being aware. Why waste days on frivolous things when you can be fostering a heart of gratitude and awareness of just how great this gift of life is.

Cheers to the leftovers in my fridge that morphed themselves into a delicious fall soup that makes you want to go create a leaf pile and jump in it. Cheers to the sweet message my student-friend left saying she misses me. I get warm fuzzies because I miss her too. Cheers to the friend whose internet doesn’t exist, creating reasons for her to basically live at my house for part of the week so that she can get lesson planning done (aaaaand check her facebook). Cheers to the neighbors who create reasons for me to craft and create and use the stash of craft supplies my home hoards. Cheers to you, coconut oil. You know who you are and you know that you make my life just a little more beautiful Not only do you make my food taste like island magic, but you keep my skin nourished and soft in this dry climate. How do you do it? Cheers to JJ Heller for creating sweet music to dance to in my little house.

This is how life can be lived being aware, lest I get lost in the mundane.
What are you aware of lately that makes you happy?