Aware | v

[ A little morning market action– veggies and breakfast for the win… ]

I recently saw  a little cartoon sketch saying that November is the month where people give thanks, but the rest of the year they complain. Let this not be so. Giving thanks should be a lifestyle. So here are a few of the many things I’ve encountered recently that cause my heart to give thanks.

Cheers to the neighbor who hides cake in my fridge, not one but two slices– you make my days bright with little surprises like that. Cheers to the people who just sold me oranges, yelling at me and not letting me chose what I wanted to get… you help me to see my sin and my selfishness which I’ve seen a lot of lately. Cheers to the friends that have birthdays this month, you remind me why life is such a sweet gift and worth celebrating, your lives are a testimony to faithfulness and the sovereignty of God. Cheers to the people who welcomed my father home after his many months, studying and serving abroad. Cheers to a sweet woman who has brightened this last week with her heartfelt emails. I’ve never really had a godly mentor-type woman in my life but this woman is all that and more. Cheers to the morning market breakfast stalls, fresh food is fun (who cares about cleanliness anyway?) and walking along being greeted (I mean stared at) by all of the old people is also fun.

What are you grateful for?


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