OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is what I need. My soul needs to remember truth, remember the goodness of my Heavenly Father. Celebrating the little joys in daily life.

Cheers to the neighbor who shares their meals of Ravioli soup with me. I mean, being invited for dinner makes cartwheels happen in my brain– but when the word ravioli appears on my screen — there is no doubt that I will be there. Cheers to technology allowing me to connect with my siblings in different countries. Be it Facebook chats with the broski or Kakao calls from a sister– connecting with them makes my heart happy. Cheers to Instagram people who recommend new beats like this— my heart has been blessed by so many who have shared new songs to this girl who lives in the land of being in the dark about whats cool and new. Cheers to my Chinese teacher going downtown with me to make printing press magic happen on paper that glistens. New prints and lighter pockets make this girl thrilled. Oh yes, and she helped me find new calligraphy ink. New ink also thrills my heart. Cheers to my creator for reminding my selfish heart that life is not about me but completely and totally about His glory. Yes. My heart needs this truth all.the.time.

This is living life intentionally. Living on purpose and looking for ways to be joyful. Not necessarily happy– because happiness fades so quickly. But joy. That’s what we should be about.


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