I spent the morning working in my office. While in the office I was trying to find my water bottle that vanished last week. I was so sad that it wasn’t anywhere to be found because that was a gift I received at Christmas and I happened to like it a lot. I sat there and racked my brain to think of any possible place that I could have been between my home and office where I might have set it down. It suddenly dawned on me– maybe it was at the copy center? 

I left my office after the bell rang and was surrounded by a throng of students trying to get from one building to the next. It’s something like trying to fit tapioca pearls through a funnel.. they get stuck and squished in the process. But that’s okay. I got to see some of my students I taught 3 years ago. I love seeing those students and getting//giving hugs galore. I went to the copy center — (getting copies made here is not as easy as 123.. or maybe it is– we have to take our copies and have other people make the copies for us. We order what we need and come back in a few days to fetch the papers. This requires advanced planning which isn’t exactly easy sometimes.) I told my friends hello and tried to communicate to them that I was looking for a yellow bottle that I lost last week. I can never remember how to say “last week” correctly. Someday I’ll learn. The man was adamant that there was nothing there. The lady knew it was somewhere around. They looked around, grabbed a key and unlocked a cupboard and behold there was the cup that I had given up hope in finding. Bam. It was back in my hands. Off to class I went. 

After class I headed to the gate to catch the bus. You see, I live on the outskirts of city that is spread out. It could take 2 hours just to get through the city. I’ve never been to the far north. Anyhow, with other workers from my school we got on the bus. I like this bus because my school provides it making it free– and you get a seat! For this long-trek it’s not fun to have to stand the whole way which is usually what happens if I take public transit. I was planning to sit by myself and read a book that my mom sent over. Other plans were in the making as I was nudged in the leg. Whaa? Oh! It was the lady from the copy center. She scooted over and I sat with her. She speaks no English. We conversed about life, about the holiday tomorrow and our plans for our short vacation. It’s relationships that we’re made for. This is apparent. The ride takes awhile, I took a short nap and then we arrived downtown. We got off the bus and she grabbed my hand to go walking into town with me. This is normal for friends, this is a sign that you’re accepted by that person. Touch.

She went her way towards her home telling me to go safely and I crossed the major road. I jumped onto another bus, heading to my next destination. I got off a stop early but not far from my destination. Walking along I feel a tap on my shoulder. Touch. 

In a city of 7 million what is the likelihood that I would know someone in an area and hour away from where I live? It was my student. We were headed for the same mall. We walked along and talked about life and the day. We tried not to get killed crossing yet another big road and headed to our destination. For him it was to work, for me it was to meet friends to enjoy lunch together. 

People need other people in their lives. We’re not made to do life independently. I continue to learn that relationships are necessary. Relationships are messy, but we need each other. I’m so thankful that I haven’t been left to do life alone. In some ways life does get lonely here. I live on my own. I cook for myself and often eat my meals by myself. But even then I’m not alone. I’ve got the greatest companion with me at all times. That makes my heart sing just thinking about it! 

Well, I got some apples on the way home and need to go put em in the crock to make apple sauce. You mean apple sauce doesn’t come from the jar? Nope, not in these parts it doesn’t. — I peel and roughly cut them up, I don’t add water, just cinnamon and what ever spices I feel like adding then turn it on low. After a few hours I mash them with a potato masher. Bam. Applesauce not from the jar. And total cost for me? 65 cents. 

All is grace. 


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